Through entertainment

Ideas that bring people together across borders – through entertainment

Our mission is to entertain, engage and empower audiences with projects that shift the social consensus.

Meurer Entertainment Group is a new generation entertainment company and collaborative idea factory that is bringing radically new perspectives to unscripted television and documentaries. With our finger-on-the-pulse political and social insight, our projects redefine genres and boundaries. We create, educate and inspire with powerful cross cultural TV and documentary projects that embody these key values.

• Simplicity
• Authenticity
• Compelling storytelling
• Politically and socially relevant
• Inspirational

We are working with some of the most recognizable producers and creators in the
industry and have new projects in development at all times. Inquiries are welcomed from interested production partners, networks, distributors and agents who want to work with us to revolutionize popular entertainment.

Visit the Meurer Entertainment Group website. Legal representation is through King, Holmes, Paterno & Soriano LLP,
 Century City, Los Angeles, contact Sam Roseme.